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Gran’s Journal Nov 22, 1963- Kennedy’s Assassination

What follows in an excerpt of my gran’s 1963 journal.  I thought it was interesting to share a perspective from a Canadian who was hearing it on the radio- this is only the first entry from the day of the … Continue reading

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Position Wanted: Male

An advertisement in a 1956 Magazine for employment at a bank….

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Radiation: Maclean’s 1956

I was looking through an old Maclean’s magazine from December 8, 1956.  This article seemed very apropos considering Japan’s situation right now, and the current discussion in Canada of building another nuclear power plant. Turning the pages of a magazine … Continue reading

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World War One Ration Book

Another ‘basement find.’  This was used by my grandfather’s family while they were in England in the First World War. My great grandfather, Lieut Col. T.C.D. Bedell was in command of the 156th Battalion. Rationed food in this booklet: meat, … Continue reading

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The Tragedy in Japan

I watched the footage in horror as the Tohoku tsunami and earthquake devastated Northern Japan. From the safety of my home on a separate continent, I observed the ocean roll on land -sweeping away buildings, cars and lives (all someone’s … Continue reading

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