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I hear something in the wind this time of year.  It as though an instinctual urge for… change… takes hold.  It is in the falling leaves, in the crisp air, in the colour of the season- it is a longing … Continue reading

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Human Rights vs. Money

We had a debate in history class yesterday.  What is the most important event of the 1920s?  Based on student input, the choices were: women’s rights (vote and persons case), forced enrollment of Native children in residential schools, the Great … Continue reading

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Explaining Love Play

Today in the car I was listening to “I’m Only Going to Break your Heart,” by Tiao  Cruz, and Morgan seemed to like the song- she started to sing to it. After the song was over she asked me, “Why … Continue reading

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The Importance of Placement

I had an epiphany this weekend.  It was something I might have read from Malcolm Gladwell- the importance  of placement.  Let me explain. My little girl is an only child.  She likes to dress up, draw, paint, and watch movies.  … Continue reading

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The Politics of the Media

I visited one  of my friends the other day on Thanksgiving Monday.  As the afternoon progressed, and we had finally caught up on our recent lives, I shared the fact that I had started a blog.  My friend and her … Continue reading

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