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Canadian Children’s Primer from 1920

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Moulin de la Galette: Loved by Artists, Moulin Rouge’s Older Wiser Sister

It was a piece of art that remained in my grandfather’s  portfolio; a cashe of his young life in Europe.  A time when he traveled with his mother and sister from Canada to England to follow his father in World … Continue reading

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North Brother: A Haunted Island

The pictures of the Island are nothing short of haunting.  The buildings are in varying stages of decay. Their abandonment reflects the tragedy that clothes the island from first contact with civilization. North Brother Island is part of New York … Continue reading

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A New Turn for the Stop Sign

If you come to a red octagonal sign standing on a post by the side of a road, chances are you will know what to do without even knowing the language. The stop sign is an international symbol.  How did … Continue reading

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T.S Eliot: Timeless Influence on a Modern Generation

I happened to overhear a conversation between two of my drama students- they were supposed to present T.S. Eliot’s work  in English that day, and they thought his poems were both boring and unintelligible. I interjected, and suggested that they … Continue reading

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