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Edgar Allan Poe: His Own Tale Of Horror

His death reads like one of his detective stories; found alone in the streets, wearing someone else’s clothes, and repeating an unknown name.  He would die a day later in hospital – his medical records mysteriously disappeared.  His life reads … Continue reading

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The Age of Austerity not Posterity

 I’ve never been interested in politics or economics before- maybe I’m just getting old. The age has dawned on me where I am no longer willing to sit back passively and accept what happens at face value simply because I … Continue reading

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World War One Photo: Cloth Hall in Ypres

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Originally posted on theravenousepicurean:
Gotham is known to modern culture as the fictional city in which writer Bill Finger’s comic character Batman fights crime.  The name was chosen by a random turn of the New York telephone book.  While random…

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A New Turn for the Stop Sign

If you come to a red octagonal sign standing on a post by the side of a road, chances are you will know what to do without even knowing the language. The stop sign is an international symbol.  How did … Continue reading

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