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Photo of the Week: Oahu and U.S. in WW II

The back of the photo says it is Oahu, one of Hawaii’s  largest islands.  The well known Pearl Harbour is located on this island.  The photo is dated 1944 so the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbour has already happened.

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Was there really a time?

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What Children Teach…

Find the joy in each moment…. And create …..

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For the Love of Books

I find myself voracious for information recently.  I have always loved reading, but have never given myself the time to read.  To be honest, as a bibliophile(hi, my name is Gwen , and I have a  compulsion) I have so … Continue reading

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Excerpt from Grandfather’s journal

June 24, 1919 Chapter 1 My father(Lieut-Col. T.C.D. Bedell) was one of the first to volunteer for active service in August of 1914.  He went to England with the surplus officers and went through all of the terrible hardships on … Continue reading

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