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Eleanor of Gloucester: Witchcraft at Court

The year he captures is 1441- the painter is Edwin Austin Abbey.  The figure is Eleanor of Gloucester, she is doing penance for necromancy and witchcraft.  I read her name in a book about Anne Bolelyn by Allison Weir.  Both … Continue reading

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Afternoon Tea-A Brief Story

“We don’t talk of him” her eyes returned to her sewing.  Only a slight pause in the stitch indicated that the question was unexpected and painful. There was an exchange of glances between the two other ladies, each taking a … Continue reading

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The Goddes of love stands aloof Around her life swirls With the wind of Zephyrus Colour magnifies beauty The trees are ripe with fruit Women are round with life An allegory Lacking the beauty of passion and lust Cupid is … Continue reading

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Interesting Women in History: Thais

She is frozen in motion as she leads the soldiers in their drunken stupor.  According to legend , she is the one responsible for the burning of the palace at Persepolis. The woman is Thais, and the date is approximately … Continue reading

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French Attacking a German Trench

The back of the photo states that this is a ‘French Regiment attacking a German trench.’  I would love your feedback.  Do you see in the distance a wave of ‘smoke’ creeping in on the top left ?  Are these … Continue reading

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