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World War One Photo: Bassee

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Edward (Mick) Mannock: World War One Pilot

Credited with 60 kills and 73 victories, ‘Mick’ Mannock’s plane burst into flames and fell behind German lines in World War One.  There were only four months left until the end of the Great War.  His body was never recovered, … Continue reading

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World War One Photo: Aircraft

  Writing on the back of the photo says ‘La Bassee.’ It was a battle in Northern France between Germany and British forces starting in October 1914. Germany occupied La Bassee, and the British attempts to regain the commune of  … Continue reading

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Brave: A Good Mother-Daughter Movie

I went to see 3-D Brave with my five year old daughter yesterday. Since we are both curly red haired lassies, I thought the character would be someone that my daughter and I could relate to. I also am passionate … Continue reading

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