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The ‘Wicked Bible’ of Robert Barker

Adultery has been the seventh sin in the Ten Commandments for two thousand years- except for 1631.  In that year the King James Bible was published in London which stated, “thou shalt commit adultery.” Needless to say King Charles I … Continue reading

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Tricateuse: Witness to the Execution

It is French for knitting woman, but the word tricoteuse has far greater significance than that. As the guillotine slices off another head of the French aristocracy during the Revolution, a tricoteuse sits in morbid calm watching the proceedings, returning … Continue reading

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Rape Case in India: Why I Care

It has been on my mind for days now. The details that I can obtain from the story are sketchy at best,  a 23 year old woman in New Delhi India was raped by six men on a bus and … Continue reading

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The Jester: A Historical Political Commentator and Cupid

The Jester was the entertainer of the monarchy: the one who could say what others feared saying. A foil for the aristocracy, he would carry a false scepter in his hands called a bauble that was covered in bells or … Continue reading

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Cambrai Cathedral: World War One Photo

It is a picture of Gothic splendour in black and white gone terribly wrong.  Where once faithful men and women stood,  only trenches of wood  and scattered chairs remain. The apse and the alter stand defiantly against the destruction; a … Continue reading

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