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Mausoleum: The face behind the stone

She challenges Penelope, the loyal wife of Odysseus, for the role of faithful companion. Some ancient texts claim she drank the ashes of her cremated husband in tribute. In history, Artemisia is known for creating a palatial monument for her … Continue reading

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The Mystery of Books

My mother hated cleaning, so from a very early age our agreement was that if I took responsibility of housekeeper, she would read to me.  For about ten years, our arrangement exposed me to many classics. The size of our … Continue reading

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A Captured Trench

My family seemed to know that they were a part of history; not that they were notables  or history makers for anyone other than their own loving family, but a disproportionate amount of them (women included) seemed to have a … Continue reading

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Bombarded Hospital in Estaples: World War One

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German Submarine: World War One

In the peace negotiations that ended World War One Germany’s Imperial navy was  surrendered to the Allies. In the morning of April 15, 1919 this German submarine SM U  118 was on its way to Scapa Flow when it broke … Continue reading

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