Thank you for reading this page!  I am a woman that has a zest for life, love and mystery.  This comes in the form of daily events- the questions of my little girl, the shape of a cloud, the whisper in the wind, and the daily events of our society.

Passions: Family, friends, Music (loud), velvet, poetry, literature, acrylic, sculpture, photography, antiques, architecture, philosophy, spirituality, news, 317, cooking, education…so much more…

6 Responses to About

  1. Joanne Gamsby says:

    Interesting, very much so. You are a Gamsby?

  2. Roberta Roberts says:

    Your Grandmother’s efforts drew me to you – but in browsing your site I seem to be looking in a mirror! It’s comforting to know there is someone else who thinks like me. Wonderful work and thoughts – please keep it up!

  3. sararush says:

    So happy I found your site!

  4. michael says:

    You have a very nice site – thank you for putting it online.
    I came to it because I am tracing the Esson family and I arrived at Robert Esson and your web site. I found census records today which show Robert and Jane Ann and their family at Fredericksburgh in 1851 and Napanee in 1871. I read a person on another web site says he has found their unmarked graves too – at Riverside cemetery in Napanee. Robert was the son of John Esson, born in Aberdeenshire in my own families ancestors, in a pretty area – Deeside or Cromar more specifically. I haven’t added all the links to Montreal and a lot of other research yet, but I have left the website address whiich tells you a little bit about the Essons in Aberdeenshire a little. You might like to take a look as the family is easy to trace back to around 1690 or so. Also I will leave an email and if you wish to get in touch, you can – and I can let you have some more information, and also learn some more from you too with luck, Once again thank you for your lovely site.

    • Thank you Michael,
      I will gladly look at your Website (I looked already, and I can’t wait to read more!) I need to review the story myself to be able to better share my family history, but I am very interested in doing so! Hopefully we can keep in touch!

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