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Fashioned to adorn flawless skin. Tucked into a corner of my gran’s jewelry box. Oh, if objects could speak, or ghosts return. The secrets that are held in these dainty  porcelain flowers might be known: a gift of love or … Continue reading

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Tsar Nicholas II: The Canadian Connection

Most of us have heard at least something about the tragedy of the Romanov family.  Tsar Nicholas was the head of an ancient regime that repressed its citizens, and committed millions of soldiers to death on the battlefield in World … Continue reading

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Afternoon Tea-A Brief Story

“We don’t talk of him” her eyes returned to her sewing.  Only a slight pause in the stitch indicated that the question was unexpected and painful. There was an exchange of glances between the two other ladies, each taking a … Continue reading

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Possibly the first ‘stop smoking’ campaign…

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A Wedding in 1910…

Gran is the little flower girl…

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