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Moulin de la Galette: Loved by Artists, Moulin Rouge’s Older Wiser Sister

It was a piece of art that remained in my grandfather’s  portfolio; a cashe of his young life in Europe.  A time when he traveled with his mother and sister from Canada to England to follow his father in World … Continue reading

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Real World Vampirism

Youth: supple and strong.  Most of us would agree these are characteristics between childhood and maturity. But what happens when youth withers and dies? For some in pre-industrial society, the answer was vampirism. Abraham Stoker, the famous Irish author of … Continue reading

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Brave: A Good Mother-Daughter Movie

I went to see 3-D Brave with my five year old daughter yesterday. Since we are both curly red haired lassies, I thought the character would be someone that my daughter and I could relate to. I also am passionate … Continue reading

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T.S Eliot: Timeless Influence on a Modern Generation

I happened to overhear a conversation between two of my drama students- they were supposed to present T.S. Eliot’s work  in English that day, and they thought his poems were both boring and unintelligible. I interjected, and suggested that they … Continue reading

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Forty-Part Motet: The Beauty of the Human Voice

It is a strange blend of sacred and secular; a chapel in the middle of an art gallery.  As you enter, depending on the section of the motet, you will hear the Godly blend of soprano, alto, baritone, tenor and … Continue reading

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