Making a new Friend

Sir George noticed a look of enquiry in the eyes of his guests, as he presented his lady so after the compliments and formalities of the introduction were over, he invited them to remain to dinner and console his family, declaring that his wife and niece were so lonely and home sick that they were almost blind with weeping. O dear!  Now I was sure again that I was quite spoiled in the estimation of all, and the idea of my red nose and watery eyes added to a painful consciousness of inferiority, destroyed at once the delightful assurance which had so lately and so suddenly promised happiness in the society of a child  like myself, a pleasure I had never known.  I could have wasted a few more tears, of bashfulness and vexation, and probably should done so , had not Miss Murray come to the rescue by asking one where I came from, how old I was, and one question following another, till fairly at my wits end I  forgot that it was unbecoming in one of my age to cry, and laughed very heartily at my new friends questions, and tryed (sic) to rival what I thought was smartness by (ey..?) by smart replys (sic).  Childlike we were fast friends in half an hour, and so were our elders, aye, and so we remained till fate separated us, placing us so far asunder that we were as dead to each other.

My Note:

The mention of the ‘sick with weeping’ is based on the fact thatDorathea and the Nuttles have just left their home and family (Dorathea’s mother, father sisters and brothers) in Boston after the American Revolution.  Not having copied the whole manuscript yet I don’t know why Dorathea and Cordelia (this is the name of the daughter) are ‘torn asunder’.  Hopefully I will find out.

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