Long Gun Registration

Our parliament is back in session.  On the agenda, according to the news, is the long gun registration.  I will start by admitting my ignorance.  I have never owned a gun or shot a gun, and have no intention to do so.  I have never registered a gun. I have no hatred of anyone who protects their animals, or that hunts for sport- as long as what is hunted is eaten, as our ancestors would have done.  The obvious elephant in the room is those individuals within society that will steal guns from law abiding citizens, or buy the guns on the black market and either use this in crime or to kill another Canadian- this is the real intention of the long gun registry in my understanding- to catch the criminals.

My stand on long gun registration?  While many who are honest enough to dislike it and still register their guns  say the process doesn’t work, I would argue our Chief’s of Police say it is working- and that is enough for me.  The policy might need to be improved- obviously there are problems, or there wouldn’t be so much dislike of the policy.

It is enough for me that the head of the Police say that it is working.   I have always had a respect for those individuals who put their lives on the line to protect our safety. The Police are the same as soldiers in the field- they are the ones who are dealing with the side of society we willingly ignore or fear-daily doing battle with an enemy who would like nothing better than to harm innocent civilians.  Then the bureaucrats come along- tapping public opinion, and the whims of the current moment, and generate money for their machine by promising to do away with anything that sits badly in the craw of an indulgent public.   This is in stark contrast to what the people say who daily put their lives on the line to protect us.

If the Police say this is working, and the people who are honest enough to register their guns (who really are the only ones that should be listened to, as they are following the law) are saying it doesn’t work, then rather than scraping the long gun registry, wouldn’t it be batter to change it?  If we scrap everything in our society- every law that was made because of a political promise/process- we would have no laws, no change.  If the people who are entrusted with our protection say that this is working there should be no discussion of killing the registration.

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