Explaining Love Play

Today in the car I was listening to “I’m Only Going to Break your Heart,” by Tiao  Cruz, and Morgan seemed to like the song- she started to sing to it. After the song was over she asked me, “Why would someone want to do that?”

“Do what I answered innocently.”

“What does break your heart mean?”  She asked in her honest manner.

“It means to hurt someone who loves you.”

“Why would someone want to do that?”

How do you answer that?  How does one explain to a child the intricacies of the love play of adults?

It means that you warn someone that they can’t trust your attentions because they are fleeting.  It sounds so much less attractive when explained in plain English.

I never realized how hard it would be to explain the complexities of the world to a child- I barely understand it myself

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