I hear something in the wind this time of year.  It as though an instinctual urge for… change… takes hold.  It is in the falling leaves, in the crisp air, in the colour of the season- it is a longing for more a desire for a journey. It is a call.

Halloween is my favourite time of year-possibly because I am a drama person, and this is the one season that it is socially acceptable to imagine- for one night of the year- that you can be anyone. Children can be their favourite superhero, men and women can be a ‘naughty’ character they would never dare to show in polite company.

Halloween night is also a night of interaction- a chance encounter with your neighbour.  Conviviality, community,  laughter, children, dreams, magic and imagination.

There is another spiritual aspect of this season- the fact that it is the crossroads between the living and the dead- the point at which you might chance upon the spirits of loves departed. There is a feeling anything can happen. My family  made a pact on how to communicate with each other: the flicker of the candle light was my gran, the rocking of the chair was my great gran, the moving of paper was my mother,  my uncle was a knock at the door.

In short- this season pulls on my instinctual urge to journey away, to connect with the past, to play, and to know my neighbours better, and to connect with the child inside- what a gift!

Happy Halloween !

Dream, share, connect and live!

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