Excerpt from Gran’s journal

Friday November 5th, 1920

This was such a mild day that I rode my byke to the bank ( of Montreal where she worked in Kingston).  I forgot to take my purse with me, but it didn’t matter, as I could get it out of the bank,.  I did some shopping after I got out, and then rode my wheels home.  Mother was over at the Hughes at an afternoon tea.  She came soon after and we had tea.  I got another letter today from Osborne Lackey, such a nice letter it was: he told me he was engaged to a Scotch lass, but he said he hoped I would write to him anyway and also wanted to see me in Toronto if I came.

After tea Miss. Brien had a caller and had him downstairs (was  great gran taking roomers in?) in the drawing room and he smoked some vile tobacco and made mother furious.

This is Guy’s (her brother) birthday.  We sent him a box of goodies and I put in a tie and ‘hanky’ also.  This is Guy’s 27th birthday.  He hasn’t been home for a birthday for a good many years now.

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