World War One Photo #2: Ypres

If anyone can offer insight into this photo I would appreciate it.  The back says “Ypres,” and the picture is evidently a contrast of a street scene before and after the Great War.  The date on the arch  is Roman numerals for 1894. Anyone know?  I just don’t have enough time to research, but want to share….

Thank you!

Sorry about the warped look- all of the photos were rolled up…tightly (any suggestions to flatten them?)


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3 Responses to World War One Photo #2: Ypres

  1. Keith Gamsby says:

    Try placing each photo between two pieces of parchment or waxed paper and then placing this between several books to try to flatten them out. It may take several days.

  2. Niels says:


    If you want to know where it has been taken;
    the place is is in the Boterstraat, Ypres or Ieper in Flemish.

    This is how it looks today
    Vispoort, Ieper


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