Hitler: Sometimes Truth is Stranger than Fiction

As a history buff, anything in the news that is a new discovery with regard to history is a rare treat in the world of current stories.  I was amazed today to hear a report on Hitler and a potential child he might have.  My investigation of this story led me to another story about Hitler that is strange to say the least.

Hitler was a soldier in the First World War and was stationed in France.  One day in June 1917, he came across a group of French girls and decided to draw them.  One girl was elected to go and ask him what he was doing- this woman, Charlotte Lobjoie,  on her deathbed claimed that they had been lovers and that her son was Hitler’s child.

With only what I can find on the Internet as evidence, there does seem to be facts to substantiate her story:  Hitler kept in contact with Charlotte Lobjoie, the Wehrmacht brought her money during World War Two, her son does look a lot like Hitler, she had many of his sketches in her attic, and writing samples are amazingly similar to Hitler.

Her son, Jean-Marie Lore, seems to have suffered a great deal for this possible siring.  His mother gave him up for adoption, and being from a small town, he was constantly teased as a child for being a ‘child of the Bosh’.  He fought against Nazi Germany in World War Two, and joined the French resistance when France was taken by Germany.  The revelation on his biological mother’s deathbed must have been appalling.

He wrote a book in 1981 entitled, “Your Father’s Name was Hitler,” which seemingly was rejected by most historians and received little attention. The fact that it took him thirty years to write this story indicates some hesitancy on his part.  He died four years after the publication.

At least one person has disputed that Jean-Marie Lore, is Hitler’s child.  A Belgium journalist by the name of Jean-Paul Mulders, claims to have had DNA testing done on Lore’s children cross referenced with Hitler, and they are not the same.  Hopefully this mystery will be solved, if only to satiate people like me.

The second story?  The Nazi party on the eve of invading Russia investigated a Finnish man because of his dog Jackie.

It seems that the dog had an ability to raise it’s paw quite high.  The Finnish businessman, Tor Borg, was interrogated at the German embassy in Helsinki for insulting the Third Reich through his dog. It was claimed that his anti-Nazi wife Josefine, had nicknamed the dog ‘Hitler,’ due to its ability to raise it’s paw like the hailing signal of the Nazi party.  Borg was interrogated for three months, and the Nazi party attempted to ruin his company, but in the end was unsuccessful.  Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.






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3 Responses to Hitler: Sometimes Truth is Stranger than Fiction

  1. Thanks for this — I’ve been wondering about DNA testing. I see no resemblance whatever. What about you?

  2. If you thought you might be Hitler’s son, or even that you might look like him, why on earth would you grow the same kind of moustache?

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