The Titanic:The Tragic Story of a Young Canadian Family

They met on a train heading to Montreal.  He was 25 and she was 21, by the end of the year they were married. It sounds like a beautiful romance, sadly enough it would end in tragedy.

Hudson Joshua Creighton Allison and Bessie Waldo Daniels Allison had two children: Helen Lorraine and Hudson Trevor. Originally from Chesterville Ontario, Hudson made his millions as a stockbroker. In March of 1912, the Allison family set sail for Britain so that Hudson could attend a conference.  During this trip, eleven month old Hudson Trevor was baptized, and the family obtained servants for the journey home.  They were a pious family: involved in the Temperance Movement, Sunday school and Bible classes.

Unfortunately their First Class return trip back to Canada was on the RMS ship Titanic. On that legendary night, the Allisons were dining with fellow Canadians, Harry Molson and Major Peuchen in the Jacobean dining room.  The two year old Helen Loraine, was brought up from her cabin earlier in the night to see how pretty the dining room was and to say goodnight to her parents.

The RMS Titanic struck the iceberg  at 11:40 p.m.  When the passengers were asked to get on deck with their lifejackets, Hudson went to get his children.  Each child had their own nanny.  Hudson found his daughter, but Hudson Trevor had already been taken by his nanny onto the deck for evacuation.   Returning to Bessie, he attempted to evacuate his wife and daughter onto a life raft.  Hudson put her on lifeboat 6, but she refused to leave the ship without her baby boy.

In some accounts, Hudson left her to search for their son, and in others the couple searched together.  It is said that they refused to leave the ship without their boy.  The baby was the only one to survive the Titanic.  Hudson’s body was found later by the CS Mackay-Bennett that was sent out to recover the bodies.  Mother and daughter were never found; Helen Lorraine was the only child to die, and Bessie was one of only four women to die in First Class.

Hudson Trevor was raised by his uncle, and died of food poisoning at the age of 18.  He rests beside his father in the Maple Ridge Cemetery in Chesterville.  In 1940, on a talk show, Helen Kramer claimed to be the lost Helen Loraine Allison, it was generally believed to be a false claim and she was shunned by the family. In a cruel twist of irony, one month after his funeral the horses that Hudson Allison bought arrived safely from England.

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6 Responses to The Titanic:The Tragic Story of a Young Canadian Family

  1. Dale Allison says:

    i have finally looked into the history of Master Hudson Allison , tragic for the whole family and that young Hudson only lived until 18 yrs .
    I would very much like to learn more about this family may they all rest in peace !

    regards Dale

  2. to Any and all RE Helen Loraine Kramer / Loraine Allison saga…We will soon be publishing after much intensive study and documentation of heretofore never publically available information in support of Helen Loraine Kramers claim to be Loraine Allison.
    Please visit for additional information and NEW unpublished photos of her in comparison to Young Trevor and Hudson J. Allison. The world will SOON be corrected in its woefully wrongful perceptions afte 101 years!

  3. Brad says:

    If I had been Hudson Allison, I would have insisted that, for the sake of our daughter, my wife enter a lifeboat and take our daughter with her. I would stay on board and look for the baby boy. Then at the very least, my wife and daughter would be saved.

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