Great Grandmother’s Blanket?


I found my great-grandmother’s baby photo in the bottom of a trunk.   Her name was Laura Bedell by marriage.  I really would never have known it was her save the hand written note attached to it.  I recognized my grandfather’s writing, ” mother as a baby.”

It is a tintype; sadly the picture is too small to show her mother’s face. Even if I have more photo tintypes of her I would never recognize her.  I know her name was Anne Whitmarsh after she was married. I was intrigued to find a photo so old that I still could identify.   Great-gran was born around 1877.

What really surprised me was that I thought I could identify the quilt that gran was peacefully nestled in- and I still have it.  If this is true, it would be amazing.  I will honestly confess I am not certain.  It looks very much alike, and I know the quilt was made on a hand loom and hand stitched at the edges-old, in short.  Old enough?  The one?  I really don’t know, but what an interesting connection.


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  1. I’m just revising and augmenting our entry on Laura Bedell, and came across your blog post. Here’s what we have…

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