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My Father’s Child

My mother said that I cried uncontrollably the day she told me I was adopted.  “You mean that someone didn’t want me?” I asked through sobs. “No, it means that we wanted you,” she answered.  I was three.    I … Continue reading

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Real World Vampirism

Youth: supple and strong.  Most of us would agree these are characteristics between childhood and maturity. But what happens when youth withers and dies? For some in pre-industrial society, the answer was vampirism. Abraham Stoker, the famous Irish author of … Continue reading

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Fashioned to adorn flawless skin. Tucked into a corner of my gran’s jewelry box. Oh, if objects could speak, or ghosts return. The secrets that are held in these dainty  porcelain flowers might be known: a gift of love or … Continue reading

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Lullabies and Nursery Rhymes: Stuff that Nightmares are Made of?

Our ancestors had a strange sense of humour when it came to songs they created for their young.  I grew up singing and hearing: “Rockabye Baby,” ”Ring Around the Rosy,” and reciting “Mary, Mary Quite Contrary,” innocent to the possible … Continue reading

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Eleanor of Gloucester: Witchcraft at Court

The year he captures is 1441- the painter is Edwin Austin Abbey.  The figure is Eleanor of Gloucester, she is doing penance for necromancy and witchcraft.  I read her name in a book about Anne Bolelyn by Allison Weir.  Both … Continue reading

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