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Mausoleum: The face behind the stone

She challenges Penelope, the loyal wife of Odysseus, for the role of faithful companion. Some ancient texts claim she drank the ashes of her cremated husband in tribute. In history, Artemisia is known for creating a palatial monument for her … Continue reading

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Gateway to Another Time: Lascaux Cave Paintings

Placed in context of the time it was found, the discovery of the Lascaux Cave was overshadowed by a world in crisis. France has just fallen to Nazi rule three months earlier. Four boys, and a dog with the forward … Continue reading

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Chapter VII (Grandfather’s Journal continued 1916- age 16)

It was not half term but I secured the permission to go home for a week-end and Dick accepted my invitation to come along. Dad was now at Witley Camp and mother and Mrs. Wilkinson had a cottage in Milford, … Continue reading

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Looking at this last entry, I realize how long I have been away from this site. ┬áIt really has never been far from my thoughts. Each entry is an act of discovery; a new connection with the past and my … Continue reading

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Granfather’s Journal (16 years old): Chapter 5

Soon afterwards I commenced to go to Queen Elisabeth Grammar School in High Barnet. It was not a real boarding school but the headmaster took in a few boys and I was duly installed as one of the few. The … Continue reading

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