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Cast on We dream As we create. The muse whispers. World evolves in orderly patterns; Chaotic Mysterious To the dreamer. Through the stitches: Philosophy, art, God, Goddess, Void, Science, Love, indifference, Joy, disappointment. Life Unfolds. Cast off. Let it go. … Continue reading

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Think of me With a deep inhale: When the sun rises Between the columns of the cathedral. Smelling the foggy morning Factory smoke mingled dew. Bread fresh in the wee hours of dawn, Waiting for the tired housemaid. With soft … Continue reading

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It is Friday!  If that alone isn’t reason to celebrate, I  have three amazing friends that sent me four dusty pink roses at work today.  There is nothing to cheer you up as much as flowers- and then add roses.  … Continue reading

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Was there really a time?

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