Mr. Jemison

The Stranger

Mr Jemison replied that he had letters to some other gentlemen, among them the Rector.That he had brought as fair supply of stock or tools to commence business saying that he wished first to find lodging and next a location for building unless he could find a building to let ready at hand.  He did not wish to lose time  and the gen expressed himself ready to assist him.

Of course we were soon engaged in animated conversation; soon enjoying ourselves like old acquaintances, for was not this hand some stranger from England; just from <span>home </span>And most<span> </span>prepossessing  he certainly was Gen Murray could make a friend welcome for a day or two and tomorrow was soon enough to look  farther.  We parted for the night mutualy (sic) pleased with each other except perhaps young Gardner.  Harry had been our only bean for long and this stranger seemed likely to supersede him, he turned on him a look of cold suspicion as we took leave of him and his sister muttering something disdainful of “this new importation”  Cordelia  sat down on reaching our chamber and lost herself in thought.  I waited a little for her to prepare for bed but finding she did not do so I asked her if   she had a Gorgon’s head in her pocket  She laughed then till tears came and ended with Doro you are such a natural  There you sat all the time with your soul in your eyes looking sweet at the morning star and Harry Harry looking dagers (sic) at  Jemison  and Jemisons eyes laughing so mischievously.  I wonder if he guesses that Harry meant to put the all important question tonight.  I declare he looked like it; and now Dorathea tell the truth, what do you think of it?  Cordelia I think you know what Harrry Gardner meant and that I have nothing  whatever to do with it except you tell me honestly what you mean to say to him; you have played fast and loose long  enough, and if you let this stranger stand in his way you will be sorry some day   Dorro Dorro!  Would you have me answer a question not yet asked?  How do I know that you donot stand in my light.  Young Gardner has been your friend as much as mine for aught I know, tho (though) to tell you the truth I did think from something he said this morning  that he had a special communication for me, but it might be for you.  This is perplexing and I wish he would just show his hand.  I for one am tired of the game.  But this stranger Dorathea I will leave him to your tender mercies. Harry Gardner is worth a dozen of him.

We went to bed but when I slept the young stranger figured in my dreams, and Mr Montmolin pinched my ear the next day asking, ‘Is that your Kinght?’

It was some day before I had an opportunity  to chat with Cordelia again, my time being taken up in the shop till late and Miss Lisset kept me with her late and early at work.  Sunday evening came and Gen Murray met me with “Richard himself again”  Well, what of him?  I querried He has found a house lot that suits his fartidcousness (?)   He could not find a shop and concluded to build one himself.  His lumber is already on the ground; he is sharp Dolly I tell you.  He bought the lot dirt cheap, as the Yankees say.  Why, he found it snug work to find storage for his stuff ‘bagage’ (sic) I should call it.  He calls it stock.  He is a cockney Dolly but manages to get  in the H’s  a fine sample  of your real English enterprise  He will open his  half finished shop in a fortnight and be making saddles for you girls; so look to your caps girls and the dear old Gentleman rubbed his fat white hands gleefully.  Presently he came and leaned over my chair whispered in my ear Dont tell Cor, but Old Merchant Gardner has been negotiating  a contract with me Money against blood Dolly but never you mind.  Gardner is rich tho (sic) his veins may be filled with ditch water; and he is proud too, the canny Scot Harry is a good boy and there is only Jenny and he is rich, is Gardener, and I am poor as a church mouse.

After dinner Mr Jemison came in.  He greeted us gracefully Thanked the Gen for finding him a good lodging and entered at once on his plans  He should get his shop in working order as soon as possible and then raise a dwelling house and he followed his trade oversee the work on the house  He would be verry (sic) much engaged which  would prevent his being homesick- Harry or Jane called and proposed a walk Mr Jamison joined and took us to look at his location and discuss the plan for a house  A new street was building  up which would probably become a central one in time as fashionable as any in the City  Harry decided that he must have the next lot and begin a house too,  His Father had made him junior partner in the firm of which he was the prosperous head.  I must not tell Cordiallia the hint her Father had given me but I soon discovered that Jemison knew of Gardener’s hopes and wishes for how could he walk and talk together without reading in eyes and blushes, words that lips refused to utter  And was I to stand alone and look on my friends hapiness (sic) for happy she evidently was – For another week a most terrifying rumour gathered strength in our community

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