Marriage Proposals

From an old carpet which covered the ground floor the girls room, a peice (sic) had been taken to cover the door of the new lodge Dorathea carried it out and assisted Jamison to hang it properly and for the first time in their lives they were alone together  The work accomplished she sliped (sic) back from the now closed door to admire the whole interior  Jemison made a step forward and taking both her hands abruptly said “Miss Gamsby, Doro will you help me to finish my house and be mistress’ Doro looked into his dark eyes, he read in hers the reply he coveted and pressing the hands he held to his lips he added Be my wife Doro for I love you, – speak to me darling ! will you promise?

I will!- and he turned on his heel and left the lodge.  Dorothea sank onto a stool and tho (sic) unused to melting shed a truant tear and then sent to thinking- thinking hard and earnestly but had scarcely got her ideas shape before Cordelia made her appearance apparently in a state of high excitement (There have I not got safely over it?)  Now Dolly  (s(h)e exclaimed)  is not this to bad just when we were tired to death almost and had double duty on our hands to go to making love to us!  But there, its as much as men know;  Here is Gardner asking me to marry him and when I referred him to papa he just said he had papas consent already, only think of that, I have half a mind to say  no to him, because he did not ask me first  O Cordelia if I could only reach <span>my Father</span> in this immergency (sic) I cried how happy I should be to have his approbation of my choice , Alas my poor Father hardly knows that I am in the land of the living.  I cannot send  Jemison to him, but must decide for myself come what will-   He has spoken than said she,  I knew it and I am so glad,  O Doro we are sisters in our hapiness (sic) , I was going to say misfortune, who knows?  But I will not believe it I love Harry and you love Richard, so it is right I dare say Wanona needs us, so let us go to her, We went  Miss Lisset had perswaded (sic)  her to take off part of her heavy clothes and to lie down in her corner of our room and Jane was trying to get her to eat something.  She drank soup prepared from Gardners partridge, but would take nothing els (sic)  The babe was fed with milk tody and took it madily (sic)enough.  We soon fell into a sweet sleep and all but Miss Lisset followed.

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