Preface to Manuscript Found


Dear reader.  The world is well spplyed(sic) with works of fiction.  I am about to ofer(sic) it a simple truthful(sic) narrative.  I write it for my own amusement.  I give it you for yours.  I have written it in the language of her  whose life it describes, as far as my memory serves, giving the identical phrases to which I loved so well to listen and which were repeated often, at different periods during the last years of her stay with us.  Her story presents another picture of womens(sic) energy and heroism, and by showing what has been done, shows us what may be accomplished by earnest and persevering effort.

If you find in this story a lack of incident ; of the thrilling scenes of romance, remember it is an account of facts you are reading and allow its truthfulness to make amends,for its lack of excitement.

Yours truly, Belle Thorn


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