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Unknown Faces from the Past…

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A Piece of History

My eye has been scanning the ground now for the past day- eyes like a broom brushing  the crevices of the floor.  I had all but given up, until, at last, my eyes rested on a small silver coin held … Continue reading

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The Owl: Our Relationship with Nature

I have a picture of an owl that my best friend painted for me.  It stands sentinel over my work area at home.  For me it is a symbol of wisdom, patience and a love of knowledge.  I have always … Continue reading

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Letter from the Front

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Excerpt from Gran’s journal

Friday November 5th, 1920 This was such a mild day that I rode my byke to the bank ( of Montreal where she worked in Kingston).  I forgot to take my purse with me, but it didn’t matter, as I … Continue reading

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