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Children’s Tea Set: Passed Down through the Generations

All of the Stoughton girls, including my great- great gran Jane Stoughton were, born in the early 1800’s.  That is almost 210 years in the family-cool!  Chances are that great- great Aunt Mary gave these dishes to gran when her … Continue reading

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Researching the Family

Doing research on the family- the truth is more tragic than I thought.  I am having some challenge finding Great Gran Gamsby’s age.  Her parents were married in 1844, and on her marriage announcement she is entitled the eldest daughter … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts

The dawn is just about to break.  Morgan is sleeping-curled up with Byron.  The image would make a perfect card. I have been up for hours importing images from the past into a modern form- scanning them into my computer … Continue reading

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A Piece of History

My eye has been scanning the ground now for the past day- eyes like a broom brushing  the crevices of the floor.  I had all but given up, until, at last, my eyes rested on a small silver coin held … Continue reading

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