Entertainment in 1944

I found a newspaper from when my mom’s family lived in Dauphin Manitoba, during the Second War.  The date is August 31, 1944.  By this time the Allies had broken through Normandy.  One year later the world will be ushered into the nuclear age of war, and World War Two will be over.

Entitled “The Dauphin Herald,” the yellowing paper is a snapshot of the concerns and interests of the people who lived during this time.  To be honest, my eyes were drawn first to the things I can recognize 66 years later: the advertisements.

Walt Disney’s Snow White was released in 1937, so seven years have passed.  I’m not certain how long the original played, but Pinocchio, Fantasia, Dumbo and Bambi had been made by this time. Many critics told Disney that Snow White wouldn’t be successful- who would want to watch dwarfs dancing around a young lady? Disney even mortgaged his house for his dream.  Decades later, watching this movie still is a right of passage for most  young children-now that’s a dream with sticking power!

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