At a Crossroads

My love for Hales Cottage is like a passionate love affair:  one week I want to say “enough is enough, I can’t take this anymore- I must let you go.” Then other weeks I think I can’t bear to break with this part of my history.

When I tell other people some of the history of

(Hales Cottage in 2010 and 1910)

the house and our family, the common response is “oh, you can’t sell the house!”  My feelings exactly!  But I fail to see my fairy Godmother arriving, and my options become smaller as the years pass.

How do I keep my home? Am I just being sentimental?  Is there an option I am failing to see?  I would love to write a story on my family, but who would want to read it?

I have been standing at a crossroads for a decade now, and I must soon choose a path before I am pushed.

Cosmic universe-please send me a sign….

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1 Response to At a Crossroads

  1. Steven M. Blois says:

    The contrast is indeed striking, I love examining how little the house has changed when you look at the details of the photographs separated by a century. When was the house refaced and whitewashed?
    The choice remains yours to make. Others in your family have no doubt stood at these crossroads. Your life is forever intertwined with your history, but your life is also your own to live. This post contains so many contrasts, in image, thought, word… self.

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