Children’s Tea Set: Passed Down through the Generations

All of the Stoughton girls, including my great- great gran Jane Stoughton were, born in the early 1800’s.  That is almost 210 years in the family-cool!  Chances are that great- great Aunt Mary gave these dishes to gran when her mother and brother moved in with the elderly aunties after her father’s death in 1905.  That is at least 6 generations of girls playing with these dishes.

I do remember my gran showing them to me when I was small.  As she unwrapped each separate dish from the tissue paper that kept them safe, it seemed to me as though she were unveiling a mystery.

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1 Response to Children’s Tea Set: Passed Down through the Generations

  1. Steven M. Blois says:

    While these dishes are obviously priceless to you as heirlooms, they are also probably priceless antiques! Do you have any knowledge about what they are, how rare? Or who made them? Could you take a closeup picture of one item so we can see the detail, condition, and quality? Was this always a little girl’s play tea set or a presentation set at one time in its long history?

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