The Duke of Athlone and Princess Alice

A photo I found in the basement.  Canadian soldiers- from the back I can read; ‘…Princess Alice on reviewing stand.’

The new Governor General of Canada in 1940 was the uncle of Gorge VI, the Earl of Athlone.  His wife was Princess Alice, granddaughter of Queen Victoria.  The couple were strong supporters of the Canadian war effort.

I found more pictures of this couple in the basement…

On the back of the pictures it says “Debert.” This was the location of a military training camp in Nova Scotia during World War Two.

The name of the nurse beside Princess Alice is Helen Creese.

Listed on back it states: Governor General, Shorty, Lady in Waiting (Vivian Grenfell), Princess Alice, Major Travis (B.M)

This is a demonstration.

These are identified as Canadian Army Photos.

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