For the Love of Books

I find myself voracious for information recently.  I have always loved reading, but have never given myself the time to read.  To be honest, as a bibliophile(hi, my name is Gwen , and I have a  compulsion) I have so many books in my library I am having to come to terms with the fact I may never read all of them ( my heart is palpitating at this point.)

Truth is, I have always been too busy to read them- or so I tell myself.   I have just enough time to buy them- every wonderful book- an accumulation of my life: Plato, Herodotus, Marx, Engels, Ovid, Anne Marie Macdonald, Drew Hayden Taylor etc.  I have rarely found time to read more than one or two books a year, and that is only due to summer vacation (between courses, a child, and extensive home renovation.)  Did I mention I drove five hours a day for eight years of my life?

This year I promised myself the insanity of living would end -a bit (small steps.)  I would make more time for the things that matter the most to me-reading, family, health, education, creativity.

Reading gives one an opportunity to relax, take a break out of the rat race- an escape with a promise of mapping the interior.  Most of my books are about history, education and drama.  These are subjects I love and many of them- at least in the last ten years- have been bought with the intention of professional development.  Of course as many teachers know, the daily demands of classes, curriculum, marking, meetings and extra-curricular education get in the way.   But I’m committed- let the learning begin! ( And relaxing and reflection etc.…)

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