A Dark Month for Quebec…

We’ve all been there- a period of time we feel as though the powers that be are playing with us: the car gets a flat tire, there is a hole in the roof or a challenging relationship needs to be dealt with.  After listening to the news for the past week, I have concluded that the province of Quebec is having that kind of a month.

Prison: On December 4, a riot in a Hull Detention Center saw two inmates killed and guards frustrated over working conditions which led to the fire. Guards at the Gatineau Jail facility walked off of the job two days ago.  Among their list of concerns is the disparity in their pay from the provincial police. It has also been noted that these guards walked off of the job bolstered by the action of the Crown Prosecutors.  This certainly sounds like civil service unrest.

Law: On February 7, 450 Provincial Court prosecutors walked off of the job in Quebec based on the desire for better  pay and lower case loads.   According to one Crown Prosecutor Quebec lawyers are the most overworked in the country. To date, these lawyers are still on strike and believe that the provincial government will try to legislate them back to work.

Hospitals: On February 15, doctors at LaSalle Hospital post a series of videos on Youtube, communicating the unhygienic conditions at that hospital in their emergency rooms.  Again like the Egyptian Revolution, we see the power of the Internet to at least spark attention- the change we will hopefully see in following days.   They would like a response from the Quebec Liberal government for the hospital’s request for renovation since 2010 (maybe someone put a ‘NOT’ on the request…I’m sorry- low blow).

Police:  Just today four Surete du Quebec officers were injured by a crazed 911 caller who hit their police cruiser. Then there is the story of the police officer who has been dismissed due to unprofessional conduct (sex with a girl in a bar while on duty!) – and from the sound of the news, he certainly had a record of abuse of power.  Certainly not the norm for police, but it certainly follows the run of bad luck in Quebec.

After of general run of bad luck, a person can go home- relax and reflect- possibly vent to a partner or do some yoga.  What does a province do to purge?  Dream of an election?

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