The Sale

Forgive my silence for so long. So much is happening in life.

The house is sold- I must be out by the end of this month. I have mixed feelings about it: I had to do it- for financial survival and for the sake of having my life in one space. Every fibre of my ideal spirit said hold on to it- there must be a way.  To the best of my knowledge there wasn’t. I tried my hardest- no-one could say different.

Like a worker ant or a soldier, if I think I am working for the right cause, I will work until I drop.  This is a double edged sword- I don’t know when to let go- to say enough.

So there it is- the end of an era.  Five generations of my family lived in this house. On July 28, that connection comes to an end.

I must start to make my own story, and tell the stories of the past- which feeds my spirit.  Life will go on.

Maybe if I had some family this wouldn’t be so hard: mother, father all gone- no sisters or brothers. My friends are my family now- my rock.  They are a gift I can only spend the rest of my life repaying- I am blessed.

But there is a part of my soul that longs for my dad’s hug of reassurance, my mother’s council, my aunt’s words of wisdom.

I  must be strong now for my daughter- my gift. I pray that she will remember(I certainly will help) the family home, and know the interesting history of our family.

I will post again on this blog soon. It has been my anchor: having the opportunity to touch base with like minded people- even distant family members.  Thank you.

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1 Response to The Sale

  1. I think fate’s left you in good hands. It may be a struggle now, but it’s not the end! There are plenty more memories to forge, and wonderful times to be had. You can’t erase the past, and fortunately, it was beautiful.

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