A Change

I woke up to the vision of a machine beast hovering outside of my window.  Walked down into the kitchen and observed eight men in what looked to be a trench three meters from my porch.  This house is nothing if not entertaining. As I write there is a methodical swaying of the house as the machine beast continues its further rape of the land.

What a polarization in living arrangements: from a house that was close to two hundred years old, in a neighborhood that hasn’t experienced anything larger than a snow plough in years, to a home that is so fresh, that my row is the first in the neighborhood.   From high maintenance, to stress free- living.  From character of a home to character inside the home.

Don’t get me wrong- given the choice I would gladly take back the family home, but this is a new chapter- I am starting out completely on my own.   I will embrace the lessons life will teach- for the new opportunities in creativity.


I just need to get used to the sounds…and the swaying…:-)

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