A Letter from 1856

Note: This was a letter written to my great-great aunts, who lived at 2 Hales Cottage in Kingston.  I would love to think that the descendants of  Mary Parker are out there in the Internet-world, and are researching their history.  Perhaps I might know more about this woman.  Where is Waterville P.E?  Springfield Farm?  I may never know, but the journey is part of the adventure! Cheers!

Springfield Farm

Waterville P.E. Dec 18, 1856

My Dear Misses Stoughton,

Will you forgive me if I make a very great effort and try to make amends for a long silence and apparent negligence and forgetfulness of my kind Kingston friends?

The fact is that I was ever an undutiful correspondent and now with three children and my household duties to look after and not having the advantages of efficient or respectable servants, you will readily understand that it costs a great effort to collect my thoughts sufficiently to write a letter however having now made my apology I will  now try to connect a few intelligible sentences- First I must tell you that we are still farming, and that our family has increased most wonderfully, being blessed with two girls and a boy, and every  day expecting another to be added  to our merry little troop. Billy is very like his dear papa, with large blue eyes, and curling hair he is full of fun and mischief.

We lead a very quiet but busy life and see but little society indeed we are a happy circle and care not for much gaiety, still  we like to see and hear from our friends and would much wish to see yourselves and Doctor and Mrs.  Diessl and a few more who were very kind to me when at Kingston. I will feel deeply obliged to you if you would convey our kindest regards to all those who may still be near you, as for our dear kind friends the Diessls we do not know where they are otherwise my husband would long ere this have written to the Doctor-Could you inform us as to their whereabouts?

I wish I could see you all together  as of course but that cannot be unless some of  you should by chance come this way in which case  we should feel sadly disappointed if you did not make a long visit.  I think we could make you comfortable.

I wish that your Mother and sister are well and enjoying good health- are you still living in the same cottage, and have you many flowers!- I still have a few but my own little blossoms sadly interfere with the culture of – I have scarcely time to make up a few necessary little articles which will be soon needed- by the bye you will smile when I will tell you that you nice little worsted shoes are now worn occasionally by my third (Louisa) I must now close this unconnected scrawl by wishing you my dear Miss Stoughton and your kind Mother and sister all the compliments of the season and

Believe me to be

Your affectionate friend

Mary Parker

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