Candy Floss and Other Pleaseures…

Some people might remember the famous song, “Meet Me in St. Louis, Louis,” sung by the famous Judy Garland.   She recorded the song in 1944, but it was actually used at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair.

While this song is noteworthy on its own, this particular international fair was momentous for the introduction of American food to the international stage.  The list reads like a ‘thou shall not eat,’ to anyone who attempts to eat healthy: hot dogs, hamburgers, ice cream, Dr. Pepper, Candy floss and ice tea.  While many historians have argued these foods were alive and existing in the United States before, this fair was used as an opportunity to promote American food to an international crowd.

It is also interesting to note that candy floss was invented by a dentist-talk about job protection.

While the introduction of these foods holds a special significance to the American culture, their influence goes deeper.  I would argue that this food was the establishment of typical fairground food.  Who among us can’t thank the St. Louis Fair for our summer memories of the sweet scent of candy floss after the carousel, mingled with the char-broiled smell of meat roasting on a grill during a ball toss?

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