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Lullabies and Nursery Rhymes: Stuff that Nightmares are Made of?

Our ancestors had a strange sense of humour when it came to songs they created for their young.  I grew up singing and hearing: “Rockabye Baby,” ”Ring Around the Rosy,” and reciting “Mary, Mary Quite Contrary,” innocent to the possible … Continue reading

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A Tradition of Tea

A vase with fresh tulips are on the dining table, and the blue willow tea pot with matching sugar  and milk sit patently waiting to be used. Morgan has chosen the red tea cup found in the cupboard, while I … Continue reading

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The Battle of the Windmill

Morgan and I visited this historic site on Saturday.  It looks like a lighthouse now, but it was a windmill in 1838.  The site of a battle between two different ideologies: British patriots and anti-British rebels.  On November 12, 1838 … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day: Not Always What You Expect…

Valentine’s Day:  I woke my little girl up with the question, “Who is your Valentine?”  Having prompted her days in advance that I might be her Valentine, I assumed that she would sweetly say “you are mommy!” Her response was … Continue reading

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How I Spent the Better Part of My Day…

18 cards for Morgan’s school friends…3 cards for both school and daycare teachers…. I could have simply given the store bought variety,  but they seem so artificial and cold….I hope her classmates like them.  xo

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