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The Battle of the Windmill

Morgan and I visited this historic site on Saturday.  It looks like a lighthouse now, but it was a windmill in 1838.  The site of a battle between two different ideologies: British patriots and anti-British rebels.  On November 12, 1838 … Continue reading

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Remembering Mother and Gran

Mom and dad in the living room of Hales Cottage Gran as a beautiful teen Gran, mom and me (look at those insanely chubby cheeks!) Thank you  for the many ways that you have touched my life- thank you for … Continue reading

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Exploring the Family Home..93 year old costume…

I found this in a trunk..and I thought I had seen it before…and remembered  this photo….. 93 year old costume…wow!  I also have the journal in which my gran prepares for this event…she sews this herself…amazing

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A Cable from the Front February 1, 1917

Great Gran’s Journal Feb 2, 1917 I was a very happy person when I went into town Wednesday 31st.  I had just received a letter from Guy(her son).  That was great joy of itself and in Guy’s letter were these … Continue reading

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A Wedding in 1910…

Gran is the little flower girl…

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