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The Titanic:The Tragic Story of a Young Canadian Family

They met on a train heading to Montreal.  He was 25 and she was 21, by the end of the year they were married. It sounds like a beautiful romance, sadly enough it would end in tragedy. Hudson Joshua Creighton … Continue reading

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World War One Photos Found!

While in the basement of my infamous  family home, I found  a series of rolled up World War One Photos.  They are AMAZING!  I can’t wait to share them- I want to do some research first. My grandfather was a … Continue reading

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Radiation: Maclean’s 1956

I was looking through an old Maclean’s magazine from December 8, 1956.  This article seemed very apropos considering Japan’s situation right now, and the current discussion in Canada of building another nuclear power plant. Turning the pages of a magazine … Continue reading

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The Duke of Athlone and Princess Alice

A photo I found in the basement.  Canadian soldiers- from the back I can read; ‘…Princess Alice on reviewing stand.’ The new Governor General of Canada in 1940 was the uncle of Gorge VI, the Earl of Athlone.  His wife … Continue reading

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For those of you who are not interested in the military memorabilia- I apologize- there just seems to be so much information I have during the War years in my gran’s papers. There is so much more! To be continued…

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