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A Dark Month for Quebec…

We’ve all been there- a period of time we feel as though the powers that be are playing with us: the car gets a flat tire, there is a hole in the roof or a challenging relationship needs to be … Continue reading

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The Power of the People: The Transformation of Egypt

As a person who loves history, I find myself watching what is happening in Egypt with the knowledge that the anti-government protesters are making history. Many  would identify Egypt as the location of the pyramids and the ancient centre of … Continue reading

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Thoughts in a Waiting Room

Hour three: there is a restrained silence, as though we were students in an exam.  A large window covers one wall.  Friends and family can watch the clouds go by, the day to pass. Time evaporates in a surgery waiting … Continue reading

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What Children Teach…

Find the joy in each moment…. And create …..

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A Piece of History

My eye has been scanning the ground now for the past day- eyes like a broom brushing  the crevices of the floor.  I had all but given up, until, at last, my eyes rested on a small silver coin held … Continue reading

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